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Monday, June 20, 2011

Fundamental GTI progress

OK, been a while, and been a good bit of work. The car body is now ready to be put back together after the door bar gussets are complete, interior final stripping done (radio antenna, rear wiper, sunroof and sunroof frame, and about 50 more unused circuits are now all gone), some minor subframe welding repair near the suspension pickups, and the strut tops are now converted to...Subaru. Along with the engine swap upcoming, this car will really never ever be legal for anything other than rally.

Engine out (kinda old news now):

HVAC brush-up: evaporator removal and swapping original air director and clogged heater core unit for cable-actuated Chery part (also found in mk3 I think)

Strut top, in pictures!

That little Hobart 140 makes the lights in the house flicker, but I'm amazed it could penetrate the 3/32 plate like it did...but there is no higher setting. Also, there's a lot of weave-beading to do with 0.030" wire, and short of the community-college welding class I'm enrolled in I'm no expert. But I'm happy and confident those plates aren't going anywhere. Heh, now to think about refilling the tiny 40cf tank I have, I'm half out of gas! Well, the welding getup including tank is small enough to bring to rally, and that's why I chose it.

So when I pulled the engine it was cold out. It's hot out now, and time to get this thing back together before my lease is up. Kenneth has a complete plan and a 4x8 sheet of pegboard, and is ordering parts for the wiring now (which is going to be a thing of beauty, that work alone makes the car a keeper). I'm sure he'll chime in soon. I've also set up the 2L with a new rear main seal, metal oil baffle, new oil pan and knock sensor. The engine's pretty beat-looking though, so maybe the stock install configuration is simply going to get it warm before another removal next year. Certainly after a rally or two we'll be going Megasquirt+EDIS and some sort of cam configuration. Probably a double-exhaust cam setup first (yes, that's a thing for VW's...), maybe a 288deg + custom header next. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Now to rehab the CIS-E injectors!