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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sno-Drift Upcoming

Our next stage rally event is Sno-Drift 2012, in Lewiston MI. The event promises to be fairly epic - the rumor I've heard is 24 special stages in 2 days. Last year there were 18, and we didn't feel short-changed then... We'll be looking to put together some of last years first day (2nd in G2) with a little bit of Black River's full-weekend smooth execution, and hope to finish top 5 G2, at the end of the whole weekend. Top 5 all 2wd would be even sweeter.

Quick car update - it's torn down to reveal all damage, and the broken parts tally is a kill switch (odd), 2 engine mounts, 3 engine mount stays, and only a loose lower ball joint to cause the wandering steering (!). It'll be back together in time for the next local rallycross, December 10.

In an attempt to even out the wrenching+expense vs seat time (plus a load of fun), I've managed to pick up a 125cc shifter kart for a great price, and even got it out on track before the season changed too much. So here it is. It's proven to me about 10x more clearly than even rally that being fit, strong and healthy is a huge competitive advantage - and when I can drive this for 20minutes without fatigue I'll be able to drive the rallycar all weekend without straining.