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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mind the gap

Excuse us for the lack of communication, we have much to update!  We ran quickly at Sno*Drift, but were frustrated early on by a tree.  So we're repairing, we can build it stronger, better, faster... We'll be back with the full story, and we'll be back in a stage rally soon.

And we've also been recreating.  This summer for both of us has involved a lot of full weekends, not often in direct rally preparation, but often amateur motorsports related.  Or biking, camping, motorcycling, rusty truck fixing, wedding attending, grand prix get the idea.

Regarding the amateur motorsports - Kenneth is busy preparing his STX RX-8 and practicing for his second visit to Autocross Nationals, and I am learning how to be competitive in my 125cc shifter kart. See below for my current karting condition, video from yesterday at a small kart track in Lansing, MI. I still have a long way to go, specifically, I need to get around that track 2 seconds quicker. I have some ideas.

Coming up soon: rally storytelling, fabrication and repair explanation and pictures, and future plans. Also some noncompetition project car updates. Please mind the gap, but stick with us, we're still here.