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ICEngineering is Sean Murphy and Kenneth Tsang.  We're organizing under this name as a place to document our projects and racing, expand our experience and capabilities, and begin to explore selling intelligent design and fabrication to wrenches and drivers like ourselves.

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Sean Murphy

About Me: After attending Sno-Drift 2009, I crewed for Ian Topping/Ryan Thompson on the debut of their white Volvo 242 in 2010.  And then I got hired, paid, and bought a rallycar.  Everything worked out just right, and real quick.

Of course I already was planning to rally.  I'd been fabricating, designing and racing on the UofM SAE Baja Team, and had also autocrossing and rallycrossing a lost-cause '87 MR2 following my Volvo 850.  Between mechanical engineering theory, SAE baja effective and intelligent design, an old japanese car made nearly entirely of rust and electrical problems, growing piles of both broken harbor freight and working brand-name tools, help from racing veterans, and no excuses allowed to Kenneth I think this will work out successfully.

My Cars:
1988 VW Golf GTI 16v - This is the remarkably rust-free rallycar we run, purchased used in early 2010.  I still recommend used race cars for their value, but I've certainly learned a few things to look for next time!  The clean shell encourages development though, and we're on track to a solid and respectable total package.
2004 VW R32 - I didn't mean to become a VW person, but with the perfect opportunity I did.  It's great to run a competitive car in it's (D Stock) class for autocross, and even lets me look to PAX times...even if it massacres its own front tires without adjustable camber.  And I still find it novel when I don't have to pack tools or worry about the car for a day of racing!

Kenneth Tsang

About Me: I've been into cars for as long as I can remember, but I started getting into their technical aspects when I was in High School. I was enrolled in the Gunn High School Auto Tech class during my senior year where my teacher, Mike Camicia, introduced me to racing and instilled in me the idea that working on cars really isn't so hard. This continued through college where I joined the University of Michigan Baja Racing Team and learned how to design race car components and how to shape metal into anything that I wanted. During this time, I also got into racing, starting with autocross and rallycross. In the last few years, I've expanded into track days, 24 Hours of LeMons races, and rally navigating.

My Cars:
2005 Mazda RX-8 - My "daily driver," this car is mostly an autocrosser in the SCCA STX category, though it's also my mode of transportation when I'm not riding a bike. It used to be a pretty sweet rallycross and road rally machine too, but now I drive Sean's GTI for my off-road fix...
1981 Toyota Starlet - This car is my project. It weighs about 1800 pounds and is rear wheel drive. It has no other redeeming characteristics. After I replace every piece of metal in and on it, it will be a track toy/TT car/whatever I want to do with it.

Motorsport of Choice: Surprisingly, I'm still most seriously into autocross. I love the challenge of trying to put together that perfect run in just a couple of tries and the level of competition can't be beat.