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Sunday, March 27, 2011

GTI Rallycar Brake System, post 2

Rally Brake System:
Stock master cylinder and brake booster
All new rerun hardline, all AN Flares. SS braided line at each corner
Lines run inside bodywork
Rear corners run from wheel wells to calipers, no hardware mounted on beam
Rear circuit has series bias adjuster and second master cylinder

Above is a current image showing the rear brake line heading through the bias adjuster (before e-brake cylinder) and the e-brake master cylinder setup using the stock lever. We plugged one port in the stock master cylinder up front and ran one line to rear, T after e-brake master cylinder. Works great, note the drilled lever button and pins stored on the lever...

GTI Rallycar Brake System, post 1

One of the items inherited with the car was the stock brake system. Which of course is pretty OK, aside from terrible e-brakes due to a seized cable on one side. So we completely redid it. In retrospect, the e-brake could have been fixed with a new cable, but the greatest gains were the initial asides: the brake bias adjust and system being completely separate from the rear axle have been critical, and I'm thrilled with the simplicity and effectiveness of the new brakes.

The old system is all DIN flares, cross-diagonal setup, brake lines run under the car, and bias adjusted by a lever which measures the rear suspension compression. Many brake components and lines were mounted to the rear beam. Of course, cable e-brake. As it was, with the slightly raised rear ride height, the stock system was heavily biasing towards the front.

The new system is stock master cylinder, all AN flares (every line is completely redone), rear brake line run inside the car, a second master cylinder plumbed in series for the e-brake, and flex lines running from the wheel wells to the calipers, nothing is mounted to the beam.

This was all done at Kenneth's, thank you! I was without garage at the time...